Academia: International conference on science and methodology

                          Financial U niversity under the government of the Russian Federation Education and Methodics Association (EMA) of the higher education institutions of Russia in the area of finances, accounting and global economy March 26 and 27, 2014 the…


P. Dowden invited to speak in IUM

On October 9th at the International University in Moscow (IUM) Patricia Dowden, President and CEO of the Center for Business Ethics & Corporate Governance (USA) was invited by A. Yakorev, Director of IUM’s Center for Business Ethics & Compliance (CBEC) to give a lecture to the 3rd and 4th year…


Second meeting on Certification project

On October 4th, A. Yakorev, Director of Center for Business Ethics & Compliance (CBEC) and his Deputy, Luke Hornblower took part in a meeting led by Patricia Dowden, President and CEO of Center for Business Ethics & Corporate Governance (CFBE) on the proposed certification requirements. The meeting took place…


Bank of America intern’s death puts banks’ working culture in spotlight

Death of Moritz Erhardt, a German student working for Merrill Lynch, triggers call for inquiry into excessive working hours in City Calls have been made for an overhaul of the long-hours culture among young staff working for banks in the City of London after the death of a «dedicated» German…


Cheating In Schools And Colleges: What To Do About It? Troubling trend Thomas Ehrlich and Ernestine Fu

Cheating is an epidemic that infects schools and colleges across the county. Academic integrity is, of course, a core value in every educational institution. Without it, learning can never be assured. What is the evidence for our claim that cheating is an epidemic in schools? 51% of high school students…


The Unethical Nature of Ethics Training

This month the IRS finds itself in the crosshairs; last year the Secret Service scandal thrust a disgrace into the limelight. Each time something like this happens, the U.S. suffers embarrassment on the international stage. I can hear the clarion cry: “Let’s throw some training at this!” We hear this…


State of Business Ethics in the U.S. Infographic

More Americans are finding work, which is good news. The bad news? We may not be behaving ourselves while we’re there. Reports of workplace ethics lapses are dropping, but backlash against those who speak out is rising – and there are more ominous signs on the horizon. Find out more…


The advantages of being ethical

Andrew Crane, a professor of policy/strategy, the George R. Gardiner Professor of Business Ethics and director of the Centre of Excellence in Responsible Business at Schulich School of Business at York University, lives and breathes business ethics. He is also co-author of the book, Business Ethics and the popular blog…


Survey: Company Compliance Programs Evolving Slowly but Significant Issues Impede Progress

A new report released today by Deloitte and Compliance Week indicates that while positive progress is being made, many U.S. corporations’ compliance programs lack the appropriate structure, resources and measurement tools to effectively mitigate and manage today’s landscape of compliance risks. Furthermore, the report reveals that many compliance officers may…


Ethics institute to probe perceptions about Chinese businesses in Africa

A SURVEY to gauge perceptions about Chinese companies doing business in African countries has been commissioned by the Johannesburg-based Ethics Institute of South Africa (Ethics SA). China is aggressively pushing into Africa. The country is South Africa’s largest trading partner in the Brics bloc, which also includes Brazil, Russia and…


Corruption in Business and the Importance of Ethics

VIVEK WADHWA: I once needed to negotiate an important deal with potential significance for my products. An official at the company I was dealing with demanded that I give his spouse stock in my firm in return for his support. A stock gift could have led to millions in sales….


26th Annual Conference of the European Business Ethics Network — EBEN

EBEN’s annual conference will take place on 12–14 September 2013, and is preceded by a doctoral workshop on September 11. The conference is organized by EDHEC Business School in collaboration with EBEN France — Cercle d’Ethique des Affaires, Total, Auchan Group, La Poste and ABIS. The general theme of this…