P. Dowden invited to speak in IUM

P. Dowden invited to speak in IUM On October 9th at the International University in Moscow (IUM) Patricia Dowden, President and CEO of the Center for Business Ethics & Corporate Governance (USA) was invited by A. Yakorev, Director of IUM’s Center for Business Ethics & Compliance (CBEC) to give a lecture to the 3rd and 4th year students from the Management and Large Cities Management Department on «Comparative analysis of the Soviet period values and the values of the free market economy.»

In his opening remarks, Dmitry Kuzin, Vice Rector for International Relations, welcomed P. Dowden at IUM and emphasized the importance of civility and trust in building a safer and more robust market economy that encourages transactions between strangers, in contrast to the Soviet value system that fostered trust in large part only between friends and family members.

The topic of the lecture stimulated questions and discussions from the students who demonstrated solid knowledge on the presented findings. P. Dowden facilitated deeper discussions with the students on the subject.

P. Dowden has given many lectures at Russian universities on a variety of subjects. Given her more than 40 years of corporate experience in banking, she always provided practical examples for the Russsian students who seek to understand current global economic processes.

A. Yakorev also presented a new member of the CBEC Board of Trustees, Slava Shironin, a well-known economist, professor of the Economic Theory and International Economy Department of the Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance where he teaches a course on institutional development. In addition, Mr. Shironin is planning to launch Center for Advanced Studies to attract more luminaries, experts and free thinkers in various areas.