Insurance Summit in London

Compliance and Conduct Risk in Insurance Summit

5-6th November 2015 in London


logo_e Grange Tower Bridge Hotel
5, More London Place
Tooley St, London

Phone: 020 7959 5000
Fax: 020 7630 9897


Ethical Corporation’s culture change forum captures the evolution of customer orientated change through embedding good conduct in the business and achieving long term sustainable business growth within the insurance industry. 2015 will bring together leading insurance firms that have shown how compliance takes a more central role to increase brand reputation.

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Anatoly Yakorev was invited to speak jointly with Lior Hefer, EMEA Chief Compliance Officer, AIG at the Morning Icebreaker Roundtable session «Define and create a good organisational culture»
This round table session aims to discuss where key conduct risks for the business lie and provide an opportunity to address this issue in an informal setting with our participants.

  • Discover effective ways to work with senior management to integrate a single compliance structure in the organisation and create culture change
  • What does a good organisational culture look like?
  • What can the insurance industry learn from the likes of Google and Apple?