TrainingTraining is available for municipal & government officials, employees, entrepreaneurs and intermediaries

The objective of CBEC is to provide free on-site training which will lead to voluntary certification of individuals

The training premises are at International University in Moscow

5 CBEC Training modules are specifically tailored to the Russian professional audience in light of existing anti-corruption
legislature and based on available international best practice training matrix.


Compliance Module 1 «Anti-bribery Training» which aims to provide:

— Identification of potential bribery risks

— Bribery risk mitigation scenarios

— Bribery risks universe and related financial and criminal risks

— Appropriate ways to dealing with risks and

— Fully interactive and ample case studies available

Business Ethics Training Module has been designed to acoomodate various target audiences.

It covers the aspects of decision-making process to solve ethical challenges, ways to respond to them, most common managerial ethical issues, unethical behavior causes etc. It includes organizational ethical principles and corporate social responsibility overview.

— Business ethics fundamentals

— Ethical dilemmas and ways of solving them

— Common managerial ethical issues

— Whistleblower protection according to the Russian President’s Decree 309 (April2, 2013)

Modules are to be further developed based on the feedback and input from the participants