To help create some breakthrough projects that are just not designed to generate some reports with all the right words in them, but to produce some tangible results that could be used further on to reach scale and impact, we came up with an assessment of the current situation:

— more collaboration and involvement is needed between business and government to apply best practices to combat corruption. This whole talk about creating a level playing field has gone on for a decade, hence there is a simple issue — how can business be incentivized to clean up their supply chains, how can public procurement be cleaned up and lastly, how can business report on their progress with some vivid and tangible results?

— who can be that leader to assist both public and private sectors to start moving things forward? What is the format of that collaboration? How can this entity that undertakes such an initiative be trusted by multiple stakeholders? What is the trackrecord of such an institution to deliver some real results?

I think that after I helped get the first ever Collective Action Russian Energy Compliance Alliance (RECA) off the ground, we were lucky as we had all the ingredients in place: trust from the companies and stakeholders, determination to deliver and a great potential in our team. Moreover, we identified compliance champions in the midst of these very companies who worked alongside to deliver. Hence why reinvent the wheel?

1. Russian Energy Compliance Alliance

It goes on to further deepen the collaborationa and interaction between parties and stakeholders. We are goingn to take it further, to serve as an example for other companies

2. Secondly, we are going to expand the network of compliance officers with leadership qualities to launch similar Collecitve Actions in other areas

3. We are going to involve regulators and business associations in educating and training SMEs.

4. We will launch a project to work with the supply chain of those companies who are already part of our Collective Action network. That way we will create best practices to be taken further to Russian SMEs.

5. We will support and get involved in the international projects led by UN Global Compact and the Basel Institute for Governance, ie Collective Action hub and help get those Anti-corruption Centres of Excellence in each country to promote anti-corruption awareness in the business community. We will provide training on compliance and act as a neutral platform for Collective Action initiatives and Anti-corruption Centres of Excellence