Summit on anti-corruption in Moscow

7th Russia and CIS summit on anti-corruption in Moscow, March 24-25, 2015

smallerOne of the hallmark events due to take place in Moscow that covers matters related to anti-corruption, compliance etc. In these challenging times there is a clear benefit to attend this event which will allow you to stay abreast of latest developments in compliance and sanctions as well as most recent regulatory changes and how they affect businesses both in Russia and globally. Probably, one of very distinct benefits is to be able to connect and network with other professionals and participate in their workshops to be better prepared for challenges that tomorrow brings.

american-conference-instituteThe organizer American Conference Institute is devoted to providing the business intelligence that senior decision-makers need to respond to challenges both here in the US, and around the world.
Staffed by industry specialists, lawyers and other professionals, American Conference Institute operates as a think tank, monitoring trends and developments in all major industry sectors, the law, and public policy, with a view to providing information on the leading edge.

smallC5Another organizer C5 has offered interactive, topical and business critical forums across a multitude of industries around the world. Forums are meticulously written to deliver the tools required by industry leaders, corporate decision-makers and legal experts to respond to the on-going challenges whilst capitalising on available business opportunities.

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