IV International Compliance Congress May 27-28, 2019 Madrid

The International Congress on Compliance is a benchmark on compliance, not only in Spain but also internationally: 1,000+ attendees | 300+ international delegates. The congress analyses the main advances in compliance from the perspectives of ethics and integrity. This congress covers most advanced standardization initiatives in compliance and the views of the international experts.

Anatoly Yakorev had the honor and privilege to open the second day of the congress with his 30 min keynote speech on ethics and compliance development in Russia. In his presentation he identified ongoing trends related to compliance that in a country under sanctions has to address new challenges to stay effective.  And to illustrate it better he brought over two speakers from Russia: Vladimir Balakin, President of National Association on Compliance in Russia and Vladimir Pribylovskiy, Director of the Compliance Risk Department at TMK Company, who participated in a panel discussion on Russia.

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