InitiativesBrainStormInDaCup (Student Best Ideas Incubator) — CBEC student volunteers will hatch ideas related to innovative ways of making simple but practical cues on ethics and compliance work in various environments. They will present their show cases to seminar and workshop participants to defend their ideas. The best ideas will be selected and promoted via multiple channels to effectively become best practices if proven applicable in the Russian business and academic environments.

LeakBeznik — SME web portal on ethics & compliance

LeakBezz — SME web portal on ethics & compliance ( from Russian ‘likbez’ i.e. mass illiteracy liquidation, ie teaching adults how to read and write en masse project in the Soviet Union which was launched in 1923.

The portal is aimed at promoting ethical business conduct by dissaminating existing best practices in the area of ethics and compliance. Its objective is to encourage the communication on these two topics in SME business community and use CBEC as a conduit to facilitate this exchange

Corporate Culture Foster Care — project aimed at idenifying most resilient to positive change in the corporate culture Russian company to see what and why plagues the company.

Best Practices Bank (BPB) — a project aimed at calculating how much value adherence to a positive corporate citizen behavior generates for a company over time. How did some Russian companies invest in their reputation and what value was created as a result