Center for Business Ethics & Compliance


Global Online Conference 22-APRIL-2020 | 13:00-17:00 CEST

14:30-15:40 | E U R O P E A N PANEL (15:30-16:40 MOSCOW, 08:30-09:40 NY, 09:30-10:40 S.P., 20:30-21:40 BEIJING)

Anatoly Yakorev was selected as Moderator for the European panel with the following panelists:





          Anna Partyka-Opiela                                Kyrill Farbmann                                Christian Muehl                                  Tom Meiers
Partner at DZP Law Firm                       European Compliance                          Team Ethics, Risk &                          Chief Coordinator
                                                            Director at McDonald’s                      Compliance at NOVARTIS             Volkswagen Group Monitorship
         POLAND                                             BELGIUM                                          GERMANY                                         GERMANY

Richard Bistrong (USA), CEO Front-Line Anti-bribery LLC,  the moderator for the American panel commented on Yakorev’s panel moderation: «It was excellent, to the point and extremely engaging!» These days as everyone goes live because of the covid age restrictions, it is absolutely vital to re-engineer web events to be able to engage with the audience, as we all are flooded with web based activities. Special thanks to Dr. Bartosz Makowicz who has identified the importance of switching to the online mode from his wonderful conference format, bearing in mind that ‘talking heads’ is not enough: achieving traction with professional audience is a key to success in the times of pandemic restrictions.